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It is soooo mommy day.

Emma had a meltdown about getting her toys together to go to mommy's. But we had to let it happen.

We instituted a rule a few weeks ago regarding toys being schlepped back and forth between our house and mommy's house. The rule was basically...NO. lol

It got to be a big hassle and a big stink everytime it was time to go to mommy's house because Emma wanted to load up every adult in the vicinity with armloads of toys she wanted to take to mommy's. And similarly, she would return with armloads of toys that never got played with, but sat right at the front door where she left them when she got here.

So no more toy transfers.

Well, she brought toys this week. Big toys. Lots of toys. lol.

Mark and I decided when she got here that since she decided to defy the rule, she would have to manage the toys completely and totally herself.

So today, while getting ready to go to mommy's she had considerably more toys and packages than she could handle. She had to bring everything upstairs on her own, which was no small feat considering what she'd brought. Then about halfway up the stairs everything fell open and scattered from here to kingdom come. After several minutes of trying to re-contain everything she finally had a complete hissy fit, threw everything down the stairs in a huff and said "THIS SUCKS!"

She hollered for Katie to help her but we stopped her and reminded her that since she chose to break the rule, she had to manage the consequences. It took her more than a few minutes and she cried more than a few tears while getting all her belongings together. A harsh lesson, but necessary to get the point across. "Yes, it sucks to get all these toys together. We don't like it either, that's why we're not doing it anymore."

And at the end, when everything was neat and tidy and ready by the front door she said "That was so hard!! I'm never bringing another toy over here."

Music to our ears. Sometimes you only have to put your foot down once.


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