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I've just spent the last two hours compiling a CD for Daniel. 2 hours you say? Well, I had to get all the songs that go on the CD, test them all to make sure they were complete and clear, put them in the right order, burn them, THEN I looked up ALL the lyrics, VERIFIED them against the actual songs while they were playing, tidied them un into a neat word doc, printed them off and put them together nicely.

So now Daniel has the newest Good Charlotte release, and all the lyrics printed off. I'm trying to motivate him to pull his grades up a bit to go to the concert with me. I bought 3 tickets, but I told him he's not going if certain grades don't improve. And he knows I mean it. I would have no qualms about dragging Mark and Katie with me or some other alternative.

I totally fell in love with this CD while doing all this, I am so damn excited for the concert.

Tonight we are going here. The Rocky Mountain News says:

Nightmare at Spider Mansion Grade: A

This 20-minute haunted house is a great mesh of scary ideas. Detailed spooks come one right after the other, each one unique and surprising, creating the perfect place to come for those looking to scream. Composed of high quality scares that are different from other houses (such as a windy, pitch-black crawl space), Nightmare at Spider Mansion is a fun and welcome haunt.

In a scene reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, you encounter a long hallway with eerie, twin girls standing side-by-side at the end. As you cautiously approach them, the lights suddenly go out for a few seconds. When the lights come back on, you discover that the girls have disappeared. You know they'll reappear - but when...and how?

Prepare for one of the most creative and spooky endings of any haunted house. It starts as you walk by an old-fashioned showtime display into a small movie theater auditorium, its seats filled with corpses. As you walk down the narrow center aisle, notice the grainy, black-and- white screen and worry whether there are some living movie patrons among the dead.

Nightmare at Spider Mansion is cheaper in price, but that doesn't mean it's cheaper in terror. This house utilizes many detailed and dark scare tactics, but with its own twist. Containing exclusive and fun scares, Spider Mansion effectively combines dramatic buildup and psychological suspense with spontaneous, jump- out-of- your-shoes frights. Looking to be scared? Spider Mansion has almost everything you can dream of - or rather, have nightmares about.

I LOVE haunted houses. I can't wait! And the best part...



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