Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I was supposed to stay at the firehouse from noon-10pm. I stayed till 2am. And we had..count em...

One Call.

14 hours. One call. One. Uno. Ein.

One, solitary call. Ridiculous! It's Friday night for heaven's sakes. What are you all doing? Being healthy and driving safely? How dare you. Humph.

And the one call we did have was a big snooze. Geriatric trauma, a woman slipped on some leaves while walking down the street. Helllooo? Watch where you're going! It was still fun tho. I love how you pull up with a fire engine and an ambulance and instantly 500 neighbors are outside. I felt so important. Too bad I wasn't. lol.

But now I am going to have to schedule more ambulance rides so I can fulfill my patient quota. Oh darn.

All the firemen were really nice, my preceptor was a wealth of knowledge and even helped quiz me a bit on things. He said "wow, I'm impressed. You've got it down."

And yes, some of them were extremely cute. Aren't they always?


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