Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I'm not looking forward to today.

Emma got up ultra early, around 7:30. She's allowed about two hours of tv, and she's chosen to use it all this morning, so as soon as the current show is over at 10am, she's done. For the day. Help me.

Everyone is gone at work or at school, which resumed today after a long winter break of nearly 3 weeks. Emma goes back tomorrow, she doesn't have school on Wednesdays. So if she decides to have a kaniption fit after turning the tv off, it's all me being the bad guy. She's already had a crying jag this morning because she said she missed her dad. We talked about why he has to go to work, but she said she's just worried he's going to slip and fall while he's at work and there won't be anyone around to help him get up. I assured her that Marcy would be there and would help him up if he needed it. I think she would just rather have him home because I'm stricter and she gets away with more when dads here. I'll have to try to find something fun for us to do this afternoon.

Also on the agenda is the post office, the bank, and paying bills. Im so excited I could just spit.


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