Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The word for the day is - New... new start, new outlook
I cant really say I wholeheartedly subscribe to starting over, especially now, but I have to start somewhere. At some points in our lives we just have to be willing to sweep our hands across the tabletop and start fresh. I feel like in a way thats what I'm doing. It's like everything got so cluttered, that I lost sight of what matters. I will say this..I have learned some valuable lessons the past few days:

1. Trust your instincts
2. Alone doesnt have to mean lonely
3. The value of a true friend is immeasurable
4. Some people have no concept of what that is...true friendship
5. People will do anything to get what they want

Thats about it...some good life lessons learned the past few days. Im not depressed, Im not sad. Im very proud of myself for taking the higher ground in some recent situations, and can even get a laugh or two out of how some people strive to make others miserable. What a sad, lonely, pathetic existence to live life in such a way. Im so gratfeul I have my family (especially Katie), my friends (especially Mark) and my sense of self to drag my ass through 24 hours every day. Thank you, God for holding me up when I need it. And thank you, to my true friends...who never turn their back on me for a second, and that love me enough to defend me, whether I deserve it or not.


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