Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ok, well...days later - here I am. It was one of those weekends. Bad news, Im shibless. There is probably more bad news I could convey..but either can't or wont.

Started my new job today. Very cool. I think I'm gonna like it a lot. I can pretty much come in when I want to, and leave accordingly. Got most of everything squared away, vmail etc. The girl that is leaving and training me is great. She got a lot of things organized and stocked up for me. I think it's gonna be good. And hey. The money...stellar, simply stellar.

Had a yard sale hopping weekend with Master Coles. That was fun. Got some great VHS that I can for w-a-y over what I paid. Coolness. Otherwise we sat around a lot and did pretty much nothing, except swelter in the heat. Had a nice dinner on his dime at Jacksons..that was nice. I didnt go to Pueblo, electing instead to hang around his house and clean it up before they got there. Am regretful of that, but cant say why. Sorry....Im stifled right now. It's important.

Lets see what else...I thought of some funny things I wanted to write down, but Im too sober.

Katie is still camping, which is probably a good thing, considering Mark has had her pc for almost a week. Should be done by Wednesday at the latest, he says. Let's hope, or there'll be hell to pay. Hell hath no fury like Kt without her IM's.

More later, if the mood strikes. Shib....where is shib.


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