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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Comfortably Numb and Mission Impossible by Tool is some of the greatest music known to man. But you can only listen to it at certain times. Its not like work music, or even car music. Its the kind of music you have to be on the verge of unconciousness to listen to. After a day like today when things seemed really sunny and now have clouded up quite a bit. When you cant wait to get home and feel normal .

I am so stressed at work, this week is hella crazy. I have so much responsibility and it effects this class of people that are feared and revered by the people in my weekday circle. The people I work with are so worship crazed to the Board members. This week is my first Board meeting, I have to play hostess and secretary. So much is on my shoulders regarding these damn meetings. Everything from the room reservation to nametags, and how many caraffes (sp?) of water are needed. Board packets, Board Orientation, Board confirmations, oh god...I am seriously going to go insane. The meeting is Thursday. I will never make it. Shopping is my only release right now. What a horrible habit to get into. I bought a ton of clothes lately, probably 9 pieces or so in the last 4 days. Tonight I bought 2 pairs of shoes, and a bunch of crap I dont need.

I found out who the perfume offender was at work. Everyday, this stench of cheap old lady perfume filled the halls, and I never could figure out who it was. I figured it out, its Shirley. From the Library Store. A young looking 70 year old (Im guessing). She has the hump on her back, the whole deal. I can barely stand to be in the elevator with her. She's very chatty and bugs me to death. Today I was so proud that I had made it in by 8, right on the button. She comes to my desk this afternoon and says 'I saw you coming in today, about 8:30''. Im like ....'so?' Besides, it was 8:00. Pissed me off. And then I got up from my desk to make coffee and came back, Gail had left me a voicemail. ''Hello Danelle, its Gail...its 8:10 and I just wanted to tell you - blah blah blah.'' So now Gail thinks I wasnt there yet at 8:10. I cant win for losin, as they say. I know shes become more aware of my hours. Im putting in 40, she cant complain.

I love it when I go out on my balcony and other people are on their balconies, too. Its like a kinship or something. Like ''hey, hows it goin. Cool balconies, huh.'' But completely unspoken. And talking on your phone on the balcony is really cool, too. Lots of people do that. And a lot of people stand on their balconies and smoke weed. At Marks house too. Weird.


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