Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I also forgot to write about the concert last Friday night, it was sooo great. It was at the Ogden, great old theater on East Colfax. There were 3 other bands, Hey Mercedes, Hot Rod Circuit and Dashboard Confessional. I love DC and have some stuff burned onto CD's. ACtually it's just one guy, playing accoustic guitar. Great stuff. Saves the Day was magnificent, they were fun and just rowdy enough. We went into the pit for part of the show, Daniel had to go put tp in his ears cos he thought it was too loud! We only stayed for about 6 StD songs, I wanted to leave by about 10:30 to get out of the traffic mess, and also cos I was heading to the Coles Camp.
Anyway, still fighting with Dan, so I am not in the mood to write right now...more later


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