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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I feel like I have too much to write about, so writing anything at all is pointless. But I'll try. Been keeping notes tonight of what I want to write about.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

What a phenomenon. It's almost like a secret society. Do you know what it is? If someone doesnt know what it is and you, do you feel 'internetly' superior? You do...and you feel possessive of the knowledge. Im not posting the link, cos it's just kinda secret that way.

I found some great blogs, and some really not-so-great blogs. I found bizarre ones like This

And I quote: "While decadence revolves around decay - a rot that sets in at the peak of a movement or society - Against Nature doesn’t so much document a decay, but the hollowness that exists within a fully formed, self-aware, and fully modern society (sound familiar)... a hollowness based on a sensory overload, much like our own."


It just amazes me that there are people walking around thinking of this shit in their heads.

Also found this This Great Blog

Again, I quote:
"in Jay news - he wrote a 5 page research paper about my lips and their perfection. he sited 5 sources (including the Bible). I'm sorry but my boyfriend is better than yours."

I like her.

Ok, what is going on. I have been fighting with Dan for 2 days about Daniel. Too long to give too many details, but it's not good. Both sides have levels of unreasonability to them, and I feel torn between what I can handle, and what's best. All's quiet now, but not a good tone. Not good at all.

Work is so busy, and I just really feel like I barely have my head above water sometimes. Priorities are blurry, and that doesn't help. I'm just looking ahead to the time off I'm taking soon. Itineraries have changed, and I'm excited. Can't say too much right now, don't wanna jinx anything!

Im gonna try this new little thing everytime I post. Saw it on another blog and thought it was cool.

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