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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Kt wrote this and posted it on her webpage. It's truly awesome.

What is Punk Rock Love:

punk r0ck l0ve is sharing everything, cigarettes, s0das, f00d. punk rock l0ve is stealing your parents car t0 c0me see her at three am. its disc0vering really great s0ngs by really great bands and sending them t0 each 0ther 0ver the internet. its asking 0ld h0meless pe0ple t0 buy us sm0kes because we're still t00 y0ung, then giving them the change. its h0lding each 0ther when your c0ld, 0r even when y0ur really h0t.

punk r0ck l0ve is wiping y0ur sweat 0n his sh0ulder, and painting his nails f0r him. g0ing int0 a mini museum at a festival, just s0 you c0uld be in a dark, small place t0gether. staring at the ceiling listening t0 music and n0t saying a w0rd. its the little kisses 0n my f0rehead that feel s0 nice. its him burning an anti flag cd f0r y0u, and it turning 0ut to be y0ur fav0rite.

punk r0ck l0ve is rej0icing when you find 0ut he can g0 t0 the sh0w, and being happy f0r him when his m0m gives him a sm0ke. its me being jeal0us because he can r0ll his t0ungue, making that 'RRR' s0und, and i cant. its him being jeal0us 0f my tatt00. its watching m0vies in the basement, but never finishing them. its when b0th 0f 0ur hearts melt when we smell "0ur" lotion. its s0me guy telling us "come 0n, hippies l0ve sticks!". its getting asked if we want t0 buy some hash.

punk r0ck l0ve is sm0king in her room, and sm0king 0n his balc0ny. its eating pizza t0gether, and him 0rdering it with n0 pepper0ni because y0ur a vegetarian. its the way y0u feel when he whispers in y0ur ear and tells y0u that you mean s0 much to him. its tickling him even th0ugh he hates it m0re than anything. its waking up shivering 0n valentines day, but next t0 him, giving him a g00d m0rning kiss.

punk r0ck l0ve is kissing in the backseat 0f your parents car, while they're driving. punk r0ck l0ve is talking t0 her when she calls at four in the m0rning t0 tell y0u she didnt sleep last night. its stealing a childrens b00k f0r him at the b00k fair, and sticking it d0wn y0ur pants, just because it says "i l0ve y0u". playing footsie. watching the history chanell together. its kissing in fr0nt 0f strangers, and n0t being ashamed. its c0l0ring pictures f0r him.

punk r0ck l0ve is NEVER getting sick 0f each 0ther, and squeezing each 0ther s0 tight y0u think they might just break. its h0ping and praying that his m0m lets him go to the sh0w next week. crying t0gether. laughing t0gether. breaking b0ttles 0f nail p0lish in the middle 0f the r0ad t0gether. riding his bike. wearing his s0cks.

punk r0ck l0ve is sharing bracelets, and pinching him just t0 hear him squeal. punk r0ck l0ve is watching the newleywed game t0gether 0n the ph0ne, trying t0 answer the questi0ns y0urself. its being there f0r him when his m0m threw away his c0nverse.

punk r0ck l0ve is the best feeling in the w0rld, next t0 a mudbath. its helping each 0ther thr0ugh every little thing, and caring ab0ut each 0ther m0re than y0u care ab0ut y0urself.



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