Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Am sitting here at my desk eating Wolfgang Puck soup. Should be called Wolf down the phuck soup. Not great. Not great at all. Wolfgang hasn't perfected the art of canned soup, apparently.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on. Gail called a meeting today and said she wants the office to appear more formal, starting now. No short summer dresses, not thongs, minimal sandals, etc. bleh, double bleh. I really hate spending money on work clothes. Everyone is so hell fire concerned about what the Board Members think. The Board Members. We need to impress the Board Members. They are gods, they are Royalty. We are their servants. No, Im a damn good assistant in a sun dress. Deal with it.

Gonna fry up some yummy Tri tip on the old Georgie Foreman tonight. yum city. Master Coles also wants some merlot. I prefer wine in a box.

Missed Six Feet Under this week..waiting to catch it in reruns. Almost caught it last night, but it had been on for 7 minutes, and we decided if we miss the "death" at the beginning that it would lose something. I think it's on again tonight. Also rented "The Wall" that we have the next 6 days to watch..I rented it from the library.

Looks like CPD may be coming down from the hills for a few days. Im skeptical, but would like to see him if he does. I wont hold my breath.

God my writing is boring when Im sober.


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