Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Had a really really great time last night. Went to the Hoffbrau with the old gang from Auraria and it was a blast. We got incredibly loud and obnoxious, to the point that Lisa felt uncomfortable and had to leave. She didn't say that, but you could tell. We had a lot of Avalanche and quite a few shots, too. Karen stayed the latest and her and Mark and I had some great conversation. I knew they would like each other a lot if they ever had the chance to meet up. Karen is so analytical and I was anxious for her to give me her take on him. It was all

Came home and had some nice compliments float my way..that was unusual but very nice. Am looking forward to a good weekend.

Am hungover today, tho. I never get hungover. I think it was the kamikazes that did it. Feeling dehydrated and achy, loopy and shaky. Hey, now I'm writing poetry. That rocks.

Katie turned me on to the new "Saves the Day" CD and I am so totally into it. I love every song except one on it. I cant wait for the concert. Here's my fave:

~Saves the Day

And I will flail
Under these lights
That seep down from the bitter sky tonight
And I will kick
And beat my wrists together
And feel an ocean breathing waves,
Feel them licking at my face.
Ceilings don't exist
And there are no floors beneath me.
If I were king of this night, would you become my queen?
And I hope, your majesty, that you like your position.
I'll do everything I can to keep you by my side
And I'll stare off through the darkness to find us a kingdom.
Just kiss me before I go.
I'll have to walk a thousand miles
Just to find the ground deserving of your feet.
You could throw me down and walk on me
And I'd just look on through my love and through the haze.
The nightingales are singing now.
They're calling out our marriage to our subjects on their knees.
Their jewelry is thrown into the air.
They sigh at the release as their shackles hit the ground.
The trumpets call out now. We're home at last.

Damn, thats some good stuff.


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