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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Here it is, in all its glory. Mrs. Stinky (PF) messaged me, and I think she might have been sorry she did. Physically, I probably can't kick anyone's ass. Verbally, I will rip open your throat and shit down your fuckin' neck.

PF: You should just block him
Me: fuck off
PF: What a nice thing to say
Me: you're as much of a problem as he is
PF: I'm how?
Me: you're both just a couple of pathetic losers
PF: I don't talk to you and you say I'm a Loser
PF: Then just block me too
Me: oh you're a loser alright. I cant block you in AIM, besides, you make me laff. Im entertained
PF: I feel the some way
Me: ok good. then take your ugly little face, and your ugly little children and your ugly little life and go play somewhere else
PF: My children how sad is it that you how to talk. about My Kids your the one that is a sorry person. I have never said a thing about your kids
PF: and what I said was to help you out
PF: Your a mother
PF: how would you feel
Me: help me out? i dont need your kind of help. You are just a conniving pathetic waste of a woman. I just said your kids were ugly. Its a fact
PF: and your kids are??
Me: how would i feel what? if someone said my kids were ugly? i wouldnt feel anything cos they arent.
Me: yours are. ive shown their pictures around and we all had a good laff
PF: How have you seen thier pictures?
Me: duh..he sent them to me
Me: yours too
PF: He??
Me: he?? yea he... there's only one HE we have in common
PF: That's very low to use Kids in this I guess thats why you can't keep yours
Me: whatever...go take your damn kids to the zoo or something
PF: It's one thing
PF: to talk shit about me but my kids
PF: Maybe that why HE said it was over
Me: you're babbling
PF: And at least I know what my Kids are doing
Me: uh huh
Me: i know what they're doing too
Me: lookin ugly!
PF: You know I was just trying to be nice, but I can see that HE was right about you
Me: that picture of you at christmas was r-e-a-l-l-y bad.
Me: yea he was right. And now he's a loser. And a thief. And a stalker
Me: so, didja get a job yet? you goin to jail yet? You off your fat ass contributing to the world yet?
PF: Do you know what My dress size is and no i'm not going to jail there a lot more to that story then you know Me: i know he lied to the cops... i know that much
Me: THAT wouldnt be very fun for them to find out would it
Me: and im done talkin about're a psycho. plain and simple.
Me: i dont trust you, i dont trust him. You're both sad, ugly, stinky, white trash
PF: Did he I would like to know what he lied about
Me: oh i bet you would. Too bad
Me: thats my little secret to use if necessary
PF: I do have a copy of the report
Me: im sure you do. thats standard when you are a defendant.
PF: and thats all they can use
Me: its really too bad everyone is being so nasty...i had nothing against any of you till he started being an asshole to me two days ago
PF: I know nothing about that
Me: uh huh
Me: then why are you telling me to block him? obviously you know he's writing to me..and messaging me
PF: Yes he called me today
Me: oh i bet you just peed your pants about that
PF: that why I told you to block him
PF: Why would I pee my pants over you I think not
Me: maybe i like him..oooh what would you do then..huh? Wouldja go bezerk again like before?
PF: No I have my new life with him
PF: and I get all the e-mails
Me: oooh isnt that special
Me: you and mr shaved tiny stinky dick back together forever...
Me: waahhh
Me: if you get all his emails then you already know he's being an asshole to me
Me: and you already know he is thisclose to a restraining order
PF: And I tried to talk to you
Me: well dont bother.... we're watching him like a hawk
PF: And how can you get a restraining order on him of he's done nothing?
Me: we have evidence that he came into my house uninvited... and lurked outside
Me: he's been here several times
Me:...we've all seen him
Me: he drives by at least twice a week
PF: Lurked outside? and drives by that hard seeing I'm living with him at this time
Me: oookay..whatever you say
PF: Call and find out
Me: oh no thanks..i believe it. you deserve each other
Me: i also know he IS driving by....
PF: What do you have to lose
Me: i hope you are together, you sick fucks - i hope you're sucking his bald miniature dick every night
Me: blah blah blah - you have nothing worthwhile to say so you make shit up
Me: go smash your face somewhere
PF: Call him and ask
Me: ask him what?! i want to file a restraining order, i aint calling you sorry fucks
Me: he'll tell you anything, dont you know that by now
~Enter HIM~
lol, she's not lying Nelle. As for the restraining order, it goes both ways, will save the trouble. I can account for my whereabouts at all times
via my kids, my wife, and my internet access. As I said, get over yourself, I have far better things to do with my time than waste the gas to drive by your apt.
Me: uh huh... it goes both ways? catch me reading your shit or driving by your house just once. Not gonna happen
Stinky: chuckle. Silly girl. The restraining order. I've never done so, and never will - as I said, waste of my time. Glad you all are watching whoever it is like a hawk tho, they must be happy for the attention.
Me: im busy posting this conversation..go away

I had to be done after that. I was afraid things were gonna get ugly. BN~Rest In Peace. And take your smashed up faced family with you.


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