Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Wow, just got the lo-down from Joe. the box was there when he went to work this morning. He went in early!. I thought that the box came overnight...cos I was the last one to bed, and am usually the first one out in the morning. But it was there when he left for work, which means it came early this morning. Also... because of the statement from Stinky re: who picked up the box, I can only surmise that he was lurking...waiting to see who got the box. Wow. I just had a very heated conversation about the whole thing to Joe. It's insane. It's so psycho. It's so creepy. Joe said "so that's why the door was locked when you guys were home this afternoon". I didn't even realize I'd locked the door when Joe went to go work out but I did. Too funny. Joe said he sees a restraining order in Stinky's future.

One more thing. I never said this morning how I knew instantly what it was. I know because of the condition of the box. Pristine. Taped up tighter than a blonde canadian. Non-rip-openable. Duh. You are what you do.


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