Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


There's all kinds of crap I wanted to write about. Driving over to Mark's tonight was a nightmare. Lights were out all over the place cause it was raining ogain! (Emma speak). So here I am at all the flashing intersections...trying to pay attention enough to remember the protocol. Then goading others because they've forgotten the protocol. Everyone approaches the intersection with such trepidation. "oooh, a four way stop..what do I do..who's turn is it..whats going on?" The traffic was jammed.. jammed all the way back, for at least a couple of miles. I started thinking..after I passed the massive jam ups at the dark intersections..that the people on the other side of the street, still jammed up cos they havent got there yet..dont know whats going on. They dont know the lights are out. They could be assuming there is an accident, or god knows what. But I know. I possess the knowledge of what lays ahead, and what the hold up is. I felt like rolling down my window and in a very Clark Griswold manner yelling..."the lights are out up there..its a mess."

That got me thinking about driving ettiquette in general. Like the obligatory wave. When someone lets you into the lane..lets you merge. Do you wave? Always? Are you offended when you let someone in and they dont wave? It makes me regret letting them in. The wave is the affirmation that you are a nice person for letting them in. Not getting the wave makes you feel like a doormat. Mark and I were out and about, and someone let him turn in front of him and we both waved. We agreed that was overkill. But both admitted we didn't know the other was going to wave. This sparked the whole driving ettiquette conversation. We talk about weird shit, believe me. This isn't even as weird as it gets.

ok, enuff. Yard sale-ing tomorrow. Emma comes back too. Gonna be a day where we collapse at 7pm and say "god, I am beat." but good. Very good.


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