Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Im starting to feel a little more normal, a little more comfortable. Fog's in.

CPD is just a whole buncha weirdness. What happened there? Did I do something? I don't think I did, but I'm totally confused. I thought everything was a go..I am wondering if that's that or what. I would really like to know, it's just so strange. Stay tuned.

Ok, I have to say something. When people get stuck on making fun of some part of your name..they just won't let it go. It's so nauseating everytime you hear it. And if the same person keeps using it over and becomes so reminiscent of being in elementary school. I hear the same thing over and over..and no I'm not gonna repeat it cause it just makes me hurl. There is not much to make fun of in my name...I mean it's not like my name is Carrie Hunt or Shaun Cox or Candy Cane. But if I hear "O'Shea..can you seee?" o-n-e more time, Im gonna start swinging. Please stop.

I think I've crashed into some resolve somewhere. Where the hell did that come from? I'm glad about it, but it's almost foreign. And it's probably just fog, anyway. It won't last. The new job is having an amazing effect on my esteem. I'm really feeling some upward progress in life, financially and professionally if nothing else. Some of the other stuff doesn't seem so critical when most things are going so good. I'm used to the doom and gloom dread feeling when it starts to unravel...but I don't feel that's imminent right now. Maybe that's the most dangerous attitude to have. That's when shit hits the fan. I felt at Auraria that I was dependant on others for my happiness, but now am feeling that I am responsible and accountable for my own attitude and well being. I go half the day without chatting, finding things that I want to do to either get myself integrated or acquainted. And it's the library, for gosh sakes..there's 8 gazillion books to look at every day. I love the whole library environment. It's very civic and artsy. Auraria was functional and homey. The library is upper echelon. Auraria was Miller Lite. The Library is Caffrey's.

Got a great 17" Sony Triniton monitor at a yard sale this weekend, for 50 dollars. I know. Sit down..I know. And its perfect. It nearly tapped me, but I couldn't even think about leaving without it. I could feign poverty, and ask Mark to buy it..but he knows better. lol..would I do that? I wonder. ~or~ I could jew them down to 35 bucks, and feel like a thief...or just pay the man the 50 bucks and enjoy it. Which is exactly what I ended up doing. Man..nice people too. Guy turned out to be a for 25 years. A really nice family. Restores your faith in strangers. Sometimes I start thinking that everyone except me and maybe 2 of my friends are complete idiots.

Now that it is summer everyone's windows are down, and I've had to become concious of how much I yell at other the winter I can scream all I want, now people can hear me...

I got a plastic drink bottle at Kmart, and guess what it is. It's an anteater. Anh ee er. Man o man....that's a funny qtooc.

Joe just gave me *so* much shit. Kt and I both came out of our rooms at the same time to get some food. Joe was in the kitchen while we were looking at the fridge and he says "dont eat any of the healthy food, cos that's mine" LOL! Then he said - "I some ice cream and chips, and then have a donut. Make sure you take a couple of colas too. Then you can have some of that cookie dough in there...god what were they, 5 for a dollar or something?" Finally I said.. "I'm gonna have some Cheetos" he says "Perfect!!"

We had a really bad storm just came completely out of nowhere. We're used to it raining every afternoon plan for it..everyday. But this was so weird. It got windy, and then the rain was suddenly so fierce and intense that it made you go to the window and go "whooaa...." It was raining so hard and so fast that the air was thick like fog. The streets were completely flooded in just a few minutes. Some major roads were impassable for hours...even until this morning. Hailed a lot too, small but accumulated a lot. Made the storm even more intriguing 'cause it was noisy . Cool, but very scary. I love when it's a major blizzard in the wintertime and the news won't leave it alone, I'm all over it. The best snow days to me are the ones where they call off work and you spend the day in front of channel nine..watching the storm. We interrupt this program to bring you a special report...

and my car..oh my god..

I had the windows down. I mean *all* the way down. and the sunroof was open. My car had standing water in every footwell. I had to bail it out for a good long while, and it's still soaked inside. Every cup holder, coin holder, crack and crevice is full of water. I had to sit on 3 layers of trunk clothes to stay dry. I've got to clean out my car.


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