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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


One more thing..working at the library is the coolest thing since sliced

ok, just posted and lost it. God I hate netscrape so much.

Am at home in my new job, and loving it. The schedule is flexible, I dont have to be here at 8, and dont have to leave at 5. And I am completely *not* chained to my desk. Man, that is nice. I cant wait to see my new paycheck..that will be the best part.

Have decided to not do Americas..Im just too busy and I really think I can get by on the money I get from DPL. Some aspects of it would have been nice, but I just dont want to right now.

Am seeing CPD finally this weekend, I think we're gonna pull it together. It'll be a miracle if it really happens. Everything looks like a "go" that is cool. Also, Kt and I are finalizing plans to go to NC in late August, early September. Need to arrange the time off and all that, and wait for my PERA to fund the trip. Everything should be great. Also gonna pay Mark off what I owe him with that money..I will be so glad to get that off my back. So many monetary things I have let slip by the wayside that I need to get
caught up on now. Big time budgeting time. Maybe I can finally scrape by a living, ya think?

Got a nasty note from BN..what a damn weirdo. Cant/wont see me. wtf? Still is holding my stuff hostage. Some woman came by the apt the other day when I wasnt home with a didnt know who it was, but not the mailman. They said I wasnt there, and she said she'd come back. Was that it? What a weasle. No wonder he has no friends left in his life from past acquaintances, he discards everyone as soon as he is through with them. More power to him. Glad I got out while the getting was good.

Looks like we are going bowling tonight and then yard-saleing again tomorrow. Always a good time. Beer and throwing times.

Gonne close for now and get some actual work done. Fridays are very laid back..the two people I work most closely with arent in on Fridays. Hence, the blog.

More soon -


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