Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I think I am starting to get sick. Not really sick. My throat is hurting a little and I have a sore spot on my face. Funny thing..when I start getting sick I get these little sore spots on my body. Just tender to the touch. My doctor once told me its common that the illness more or less settles in one spot in your body... It sounds like quackery to me, but it certainly seems to have some basis in fact. Right now the sore spot is on my left cheek (face cheek). Makes me feel like my teeth are hurting. I didn't sleep well last night, had that damn "why is my chest so tight" feeling again too. I think I'm falling apart. My chest finally stopped hurting with two doses of baking soda and water. Good sounds like I am 80 years old and someone just asked me "how are you?!

Joe told me last night that he will be moving out probably in October, by November for sure. Man that blows. Where am I gonna find as great of a roomate as Joe? Joe said we need to find a college student..someone that doesnt mind how dirty the house is. He also said I should up the rent. Bleh! I hate thinking about trying to find *another* roomie.

I hate having to ride the elevator down 7 floors and go outside to smoke. Maybe it's time to quit. Riiiight.


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