Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I am doing absolutely farking nothing at work. I love my job. I spend my day at, and reading other peoples blogs. And chatting, of course.

I cant get my chair right at work. Everyday either I have some debilitating pain in my ass or leg after sitting here all day. Is it the istting or the chair? And it's entirely too quiet here. Im afraid to turn on any music, cos it's so damn quiet. So mostly I just whistle or hum rowdy punk tunes to myself.

Every utterance I make to certain people online today is a sexual innuendo. Im edgy. Im not going to be able to function until it's over. Im feeling experimental and uninhibited. Maybe I should go meet a stranger in a bar.

There is a weird smell when you go out in a certain part of the hall here. I think it's someone's perfume, but it's not good. And its there every single day. It's like really old lady perfume. I remember my grandma used to spray Lilac scented air freshener on herself for cologne when she got old. She also saved the last little bits of bars of soap. When she died we went through her stuff and she had an enormous tupperware container full of these little slivers. I dont know what she was thinking..maybe melting them all down and remaking them into bars of soap again? She couldn't have been worried she would run out of soap, she had at least 565 brand new bars. She also never mastered the art of video taping, so she used to audio tape some of her favorite shows. She used to do oil paintings so some of her favorite shows were painting shows. I never could understand how you could get anything out of an audio tape of a painting show.

I dont drive by her house anymore, cause it's too depressing. The guy next door who runs a recycling company bought it, and the house has pretty much been swallowed up by the recycling yard. It makes me sad to drive by and remember how much I used to bitch and moan about driving over there to visit her and mow her grass.

I miss my grandma a lot. Hi Granny.


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