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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh man, I feel like I have so much to write about.

Just had the funniest conversation with Dy about life... Im gonna post a little here, so you get the gist...

Me: that is for sure... we know all the tricks..all the tips..
Her: no kidding...i could write several articles on how to lose weight
Me: people say "oh have you tried this?" FUCK yea, i tried that
Me: and that and that and that
Me: i never could figure out if i was an apple or a pear
Me: do you know what im talking about?
Her: i'm a pear, you're an apple
Her: yeah, i know
Her: lol
Me: apple

God all that font color changing is taxing my brain. But you get the idea....

The Blogathon. Is this ridiculous or what? An effort to get as many as people as possible blogging once every 30 minutes in a 24 hour period. For charity. I dunno, I signed up but now Im kinda weirded out about it. It doesn't sound that appealing to me anymore. I will have no sponsors..I wouldnt even try to get any, cause it's so stupid. So whats the point? I would be so tired for days afterwards. Yet have this wonderful blog-a-thon essay to show for it.

I found this in one of my daily blog reads...
At this moment, Toto is awake, wandering around, barking to see if his mournful yapping will bring about an appearance of Hubby. We have a motion sensor at the bottom of the stairs (beware, all who think to come and steal my growing Mac collection!) and I've had to arm and disarm four times already to go down and get the very-able-to-go-down-the-stairs-and-bark-at-the-front-door but not-able-to-climb-the-stairs-to-go-to-bed dog.

Makes me nuts.

And great. Now he's eating poop.

~She doesnt write very often, but when she's golden.

Cherry Creek Reservoir is closed for an indeterminable amount of time, due to an accidental spill of 60,000 gallons of raw sewage. This is so incredibly disgusting to me, I can't even believe it. We were there just two weeks ago and I was icked out by the water. We had a great time playing in it, but it still gave me the willies. Mark says it's like a giant bathtub that everyone uses, and it never gets drained. There's probably so much crap in that water..Im sure its harboring several diseases.

We are gearing up to go to NC. Went to Savers and bought luggage cause we didn't have any. Have looked at lots of little tourist trap websites and picked out some fun stuff to do. Im hoping to stay on some assemblance of a budget. Cross your fingers. Im so damn excited...


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