Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Had everything all mapped out to go massive yard saleing today, then we found out emma was coming back early so we had to shift things around a bit. We hung out around the house and played vegetables for a while..but emma was being really happy so we decided to give the garage saleing a go. I think we left the house at 8:30. Emma was great..wanted the top down, and was chattering non stop. We only went to a few sales, then decided to head for some food. Hit one or two more after that (one of them was this crazy Islam sale) and then headed for my house for naps. We went and picked up katie then, then came back here for yummy steaks on Marks new George Foreman grill. Now we all have one. Joe paid retial, I paid 20 bucks at a yard sale..Mark paid only $5 today for I love other people's junk.

The crazy Islam sale was so weird. Tons of really good stuff, all thrown out in this parking lot. Mounds and mounds of clothes, 4 pieces for a dollar! Found some great stuff for Katie and Daniel and Emma. They had tons of pcs and monitors. The people were incredibly friendly, and incredibly Islam.

Hanging out at the Coles Camp tonight...cause Emma's here, of course. Might try some more sales tomorrow, we'll see how the tiny princess is. We have no plans, just gonna play it by ear.

K, time to go watch Bizarre Moments. that shit.

Katie and I are going to NC in just about 6!


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