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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


WHy am I thristy? I dont know, I just am. Katie and I went to the store at a ridiculous hour last night and bought lots of weird drinks, among other things. I bought a high energy Sobe drink and I was asleep in 30 minutes. That's what happens when you've done a lot of recreational drugs in your life..the legal stuff doesn't do anything. I wanted to get some energy upto clean my bedroom, but I didnt. It's so trashed right now and it must be done tonight. My car, also. I had intended to do that after work today, but I just heard it's going to be 93 degrees, so thats not happening.

It's 8:14 and I am at work, and no one else is here. Am wondering if I missed a memo or an email or something. Am also considering telling the gang I came in at 6am cos I have to leave early. Nah...leave early and do what? Bake in 93 degree heat? I'll sit here for a while longer, thanks. I am going to have to find something to do tonight. It's a volatile situation, cos I'm being pre empted. So I have to keep busy and not think about a damn thing. Especially compost. If you know, you know. If you don't, ask.

I had to get HBO so I could watch Six Feet Under. This was my first contractural purchase since getting my new job, and a better paycheck. Mark and I have a nice little ritual of watching it together, so Im just gonna tape em and take them to his house to watch. Last night I had a hard time not watching it. It's so great.

Oh god! I almost forgot! So..I get up this morning and right inside the front door is this box. I know instantly what it was. It was all my shit from stinky's house. Ok, fine. But the really bothersome thing was is that it was inside the door and I was the last one to go to bed, and it wasn't there then. So..not only does he wait an unacceptable amount of time to return things that belong to me...but he breaks and enters to do it. I was so pissed. I was >thisclose< to calling Araphoe County Sheriff and saying "listen, there's this box in my house, maybe its a bomb" and getting stinky in shitloads of trouble. God knows he deserves it and then some. Glad that whole deal is past, and I finally have my stuff back.

Well, the status of all things male is pretty pathetic. I think CPD is never going to talk to me again because I railed him about the weekend that didn't happen. Big misunderstanding according to him. Point is, I don't even want a man that can't say no to his job. Enter MrLD. Ditto. Told him last night I was not interested in pursuing even a friendship at this point, cos I didn't feel treated as a friend. Guess I better get my stuff off his server..pronto. So CPD is gone, MrLD is gone..geesus. Feels good tho. Fresh start, clean slate. Bring in the fog.

I need coffee....


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