Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Wow, stinky has a temper.
Stinky: WTF is your problem ? If you want to deal with sheriffs and such, fine - I'll be more than happy to file a defamation of character and slander suit against you for unsubstantiated charges. I suggest you talk to your roomate(s) about who placed the box inside your doorway. I have better things to do with my time than break into your apt and risk my life and career for 5.00 worth of crap.I had the foresight to bring a witness with me that I left it outside on your doorstep.
Me: quit reading my shit..its none of your business - you're a pathetic waste of air
Stinky: I didnt - someone else did, and called me. As for reading your shit, it's public domain - stfu.
Me: boy people are sure interested in my doings and writings, arent they....
Me: so i changed your name in the blog, no one knows it's you. No one that matters cares. So you have nothing on me, real or imagined re: libel, defamation, whatever else you can dream up in your lonely little head
Stinky: lol. When will you learn that digs don't work on me :) Enjoy your blogging, and your imaginary importance. Thanks for changing it, nothing more to say.
Lol, thanks for changing his name from (insert real name here) to stinky. Now that's funny.

So and so just reminded me of the night we laffed so hard looking at stinky's ex's pictures. We nicknamed her PF - I cant tell ya why. Too bad. It's funnier than hell.


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