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Mostly random thoughts.

What the FUCK was i thinking. My whole intention of keeping myself busy tonight was editing pictures. What the hell possessed me to think that looking at pictures of July 4 would make me not stress and not think about shit. How did I imagine i could edit these pictures tonight? It was not good. Not good at all.

Do you ever go to something with someone and they are taking pictures of of it so intently that you feel like they're missing it?

The pictures Mark sent me from July 4 are all crooked. What the hell.

Traffic is becomiing more and more of an irritant, and wondering if that means I should start taking the bus. I get so incredibly amazed at the continued ignorance of other drivers. The heat has only made it worse. I would have to get up so much earlier if I took the bus..and that is so unappealing.

Avalanche/Butthole surfers. I loaded the song up on winamp to hear it. Once. And forgot about it. It has now played about 12 times in a row, and I feel unable to make the effort to change it.

Big Brother is my favorite new show. I love these people. I hate these people.

Joe said "You can't say HBO"
I said "Is that your new motto?"
He said "It's always the motto, you just dont know it's the motto till you have HBO. HBO will make you forget about the internet."

Thirtysomething was on tonight. That is the first drama that I was ever truly addicted to. That and St. Elsewhere.

I am going to clean my room tonight. I just need some soda first.

Off to feel the imaginary importance-


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