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I have to say something about Kira. She wrote to me a few days ago...

"omg you seem to be a lot like thing i'll read is that you like Corona and have insomnia. i guess it's a small world huh?
i can totaly relate, believe me. i'd tell you my life story, but i'm trying to get out of the habit of long emails and just blog everything. makes more sense that way. if anybody (like my so-called friends) gives a shit, they can go to the damn website. LMAO. Anywayz, love your blog, will continue reading. HAVE FUN IN NO. CAROLINA it's way cool up there! you will dig it!!!"

I hate Corona. But the rest of it is right on. Insomnia? It's my middle name, babeee. And I like it! (SNL reference)

More in the continuing saga of the box. Got an email that said something about giving myself too much credit, and nattering on about roomate #1 and roomate #2. You'd think someone that kept such close tabs on my writing would know there's only one roomate..Joe. Nice guy. Big guy. We ain't gonna fuck around guy.

CPD has agreed to try again. Lord. Not till the first weekend in August or something tho. Where is the summer going? I'm already making plans for August. I am going to a concert, I am seeing CPD, I am going to NoCarolina. Then the summer will be over.

Am getting worried about VG. So is everyone else. He is completely MIA for almost a month. Read an email that someone else got from him that said all was well, would write more soon. I'm suspicious. Something is up.

Found another hilarious website - Is Dick Cheney Dead Yet? Daily updates. Here are the last 3 entries:

Monday, July 16, 2001
Not dead yet.
posted by K A at 10:36 AM

Friday, July 13, 2001
He nearly keeled over earlier today when informed that there was a gay porn star with the same name. Nearly.
posted by K A at 9:21 AM

Friday, July 06, 2001
He's been mostly dead all day. But, not quite dead yet.
posted by K A at 12:03 PM

Damn, that's funny.


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