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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


What a darn fun weekend. Friday night we went to Red Robin, which actually turned into a nightmare. Emma was so terrified of the Red Robin guy, she shrieked and crawled out of her skin evry time there was any hint of him being around. She said she doesn't wanna go back there for a long time. Mark didn't even get to finish his dinner, we boxed it up and took it home for later.

Saturday we did some yard saleing, hit a community sale close to home and Mark bought a great tv for 10 bucks. Ive tried to give him 12 for it, but he wont give in. Saturday afternoon we barbequed in the park, that was a great time. Katie and charlie came too, which was really nice. Hung out for a few hours and just chilled. We forgot to bring a spatula to flip the burgers, so Mark made one out of a pop can and a coat hanger using his spydie! Very cool... Saturday night..what did we do. Watched Six Feet Under and pretty much just chilled.

We had planned to do another round of garage saleing on Sunday, but we all woke up late and decided to be vegetables till it was time to take Emma to her mommy. After we dropped her off, Mark and I went to the Factory Outlet stores in CRock and he bought a great leather coat from Wilsons, at a fraction of the original cost. Offered him 10 bucks for that go.

Last night we watched a new episode of Six Feet Under and drank Caffreys till we were too buzzed to do *anything* else. Mark let me cut his hair..that was insane. I thought I cut too much off, but he was totally ok with it. It looks great.

This week is the Used Book Sale at the Library. Im expected to be here for most of it, including part of the day on Sat and Sun. Hopefully it will come back to me positively when I ask for the time off to go to NC. Where is my check?

More later...


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