Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Lol - got an email from "Fragmented" and she said she hadn't even realized my link was inoperable on her site, and hadn't intended to make it look like she had taken me off. Wrote her back right away and told her sorry for my mention, and assumption. Funny.

And a note to JC The reference you asked about is Mark. aka Master Coles. And please send your email address , I would love to send you a personal note, and find out why you can relate so well to what I'm conveying here. And you're right, "PF" Is dead in the water. Thank god. PF was the exwife of BN tho, so no romantic connection there at all. God, Is the code really that messed up? I will try to be more clear.

Sitting at the Coles camp after getting back from Pueblo to pick up Emma. Gonna go to a baby shower for Laura from Marks work in a little while. I was so shocked he asked me to go. cool tho. There's been a lot of attention and niceties there. Trying hard not to read anything into it, cos I know it just aint there. *Sigh.

Went and did some yard saleing yesterday then went by the booksale early this morning to finish up some money counting business. Gail said she was "disappointed" that Ihadn't spent more time at the sale..translated.."You should have been here all weekend like we were". I didn't understand that was the expectations..and even if I did, I refuse to be married to that job. I got a little upset at first, but now I feel indignant.

I am unmoved to write right now. Bleh. I need to curl my hair and get primped for the Coles work crowd at the shower. I feel fat.


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