Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The book sale is crazy. The people are insane. The volunteers are certifiable. People will mow you down if they have to, cos they are gonna get those fucken used books. And there's all this security like there celebrities involved or something. Everyone important ( me!) has a radio and we have to constantly call each other for shit.
Where's Anne?" [crackle]
"I dont know"
[crackle] "Anne?"
It's insane. The most asked question of the day was undoubtedly...."Where's Anne?" ...Event Coordinator Extrodinaire. One time she was being called by the facilities director and she and I were behind "The Big Tent" smoking a cigarette. And her hat. Oh God. She had this great hat. This Taiwanese looking straw thing that she loved cos of the shade. Halfway through the day, she lost it. It was a huge topic of conversation all day.
"Where's that hat she had on?"
"She lost it"
"Oh bummer, that was a great hat"

Then at the last few minutes of the sale a crazy volunteer said "Anne, do you want your hat back now?"
We all just groaned. It was so Beaver Cleaverish.

The volunteers..oh god. First..the totally completely over the edge retarded dude...I dont know what his name was. Gail couldn't take it, she had to laff and walk away. He was just so completely over the edge retarded. His jeans were hiked up and belted near his chest.
The guy with the teeth. The really gross teeth. He and his wife were cute, but Anne said he terrified her. Hadda be the teeth.
The stealing ladies. Each volunteer was "Permitted" to take home one bag of books for 25% off. Some ladies were loading up boxes and boxes, and we had to go play bad guy to volunteers. Not good. I cant even imagine tomorrow, there will be so much press there. Celeste is gonna be on Channel 7 I heard. She's great for that. There will be radio spots, and 99.5 is gonna be playing the party tomorrow night. It's gonna be fun I think. It's the invitation only Young Lions night. 20-40 y/o crowd, big donors. Food and beer....Im there. Yea..him too. I know I will be dead on my feet but I can't resist. Ok no more. I am a goner.


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