Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I hope blogger is working. Note on the front page said it may be down tonight. Copy and paste..just dont forget to copy and paste.

Wow, it got foggy in here. In my head, that Dan B, one of kt's friends is over and we were all listening outside Joe's door to see what he was doing in there. We heard this really weird music and sounds, and we were trying to figure out if it was just tunage or if he was playing a game. We're all cloak and dagger, our ears pressed to Joe's door...dead silent. Finally Dan gets this look of "i know what it is" over his face and we all follow him into kt's room. I swear it's like an episode of Dragnet. Dan smiles and says..."pinball..." We're all like "ooooh, pinball.." Then Dan and kt made themselves sick eating junk food... too damn funny

Had a lovely dinner and then the Coles Duo went for home. Will be weird sleeping alone after soo long. I was invited, said maybe tomorrow. Im feeling like the hammer is poised.

Have to remember to tell him tho, that we were "heard".

This is how lazy I am:
I am online..using netzero cos my regular ISDN connection is down. So my phone line is busy. I need a soda but Joe is out there and will say something derogatory. Kt isnt online, or I would tell her to go get me a soda through IM. And I cant call her, phone is busy. But....Vanessa is online. I tell her to call Kt and have her get me a soda. I got a 2 minute lecture from a 15 year old about how lazy I am. But I got my soda, too.

I found the most wonderful amazing website.

Brills Content

It's a list of some of the greatest sites I've ever visited on the net. Links to a weekly radio program that covers the life of ordinary people told in extraordinary ways, a site that shows the week top headlines in the most amazing video and photography that I've ever seen, a site that proves and rebuffs every urban legend I've ever heard...and the list goes on and on. I spent a good amount of time there tonight, and have definately put it on my list of my frequented cyber stops.

What else...netzero is sucking black donkey dicks. I dont know why my ISDN is down, unless they tried to bill my CC today, and I get paid tomorrow. Blech. I'm not getting any fun email, and no one interesting is online. Joe is hogging the tv of course, for at least a few more minutes. Know whats so weird? He and I park in the same small parking lot, work right next door to each other...leave and arrive at the same time frequently . Isn't that weird? But neither one of us would ever think of carpooling. That would really suck. I need to get a picture of Joe.

I see a message here on blogger that publishing is unavailable. So, this may be posted tomorrow, tho written tonight. Phreakin blogger.

I got an email that said I should post more pictures. Pictures of what? Let me know.


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