Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Going to the Saves the Day/Dashboard Confessional concert tomorrow night. Im so excited. Daniel is coming too, which should be interesting. His first concert ever! Good Charlotte was so fun, and I sat there (sat..? not...) wishing he could have come. So this time I made sure to get it all squared away with Dan and bought him a ticket and everything. Thought the night would be a great diversion anyway, but turns out that was unnecessary. Tonight is diversion night.

~"And I think..that I see...that big blade fallin.."~

Great song. Apropos, too. Maybe not. I dunno. Just keep me busy, that's all I ask.

The concert is at the Ogden. It's gonna be crazy, sweaty, insane. Kt will undoubtedly spend the night in the 'pit' along with Charlie, Vanessa and Kelcy. Im so pissed they wont let me bring a camera in. Hell, i dont want pics of the bands necessarily, I just want pics of all these crazy kids.

Saturday looks like gonna be yard saleing. Cool beans, cause I really wanna pick up a dresser. My bedroom is beyond belief, beyond control. I take an outfit off the hanger, look at it, decide i dont want to wear it and throw it on the floor. Oh...kt cleaned my car out for me. It was No one else could ride with me, every single space besides the drivers seat was totally piled with shit. Clothes, boxes...everything. Now it looks so beautiful and she even sprayed something in there to make it smell nice. Thanks, fatass...I appreciate it.


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