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I had a great idea...On the Blog Cast of Characters...Im gonna make em links to a page with that persons picture and a short bio. I cant access my server for some reaon tho, so I can't get started. I need to configure my new ISP tonight in the router anyway..bleh. I hate doing that, but have gotten amazingly adept at it, having done it so many times lately.

Kt and I went and did some rebel rousing. Well, in our own way. We went to Arc and were almost completely uninspired. Kt found a lot more than I did. Then we wanted to go to savers but needed fud...passed by the Golden Corral. Carb Heaven Buffet that Mark will never go to. Funny, he hates buffets really. We ate so much food you'd thoght we hadn't eaten in days. We were laffing our asses off at the amount of food on our plates. And everything was so carbs. Potatoes, cornbread, stuffing, pasta, mac and cheese. And dessert..oh god. I would be embarrassed to even say. We left there abut ready to hurl, and finally made it to Savers. Wow..everything was 50% off. What did we find? Not much. Tons of stuff, but I just was so turned off by everything. I got so disturbed by the hideousness of some of the shit that I couldnt see the acceptable stuff. Katie again was pretty successful.

Am being messaged by a girl in Tennessee for the sole reaon that we both have the first name. Admitedly, it's an unusual name. But weird nonetheless. I get probably 2 emails a month from women with the same first name. They'll do a search for their name online and one of my sites will come up. They are all shocked and amazed to find someone with the same name. I used to feel like that, but now so many people email me with the same name, it doesn't seem as unique as it used to. Biggest pain in the ass is not being able to find anything with your name on it. I have a clock in my kitchen that says Danelle's Kitchen. And I will never part with it. It never has a running battery in it. Ever. But it has my name on it. I had to send away for the name. It came with a stickers that said 'om's Kitchen'. But it had a note inside that said if you wanted to personalize the sticker, send $2 to blah blah blah. So I did, and it's really cool. I always wanted to go to Kinkos and have note pads made with my name on em. I need to do that.

Let's see what else. So we left Savers and went to Freakys. The new Freaky's on Leetsdale. Guess what. Not open yet. Had a big sign out front that said Freaky's Coming Soon. BLEH! So we went to the other one but got kinda lost. I told KT that area screws me up. Wound up winding all through Cherry Creek. Finally got there and Freaky's is Freaking Closed. It's like 9:00pm and the head shop is closed? Wtf? All I wanted to do was replace my I (heart) porn sticker that someone stole off my car. We were so stunned. You'd think the head shop would be open till like 1am. Maybe cause it's on Broadway. Broadway was so damn scary, we walked up a down it just giggling at all the weirdos.

Ok, KT is nagging me to set up the ISP so she can get online. Meow, kitties.


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