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I'm writing, I'm writing! This is for you, fragmented
She wrote: "And what's going on with everyone this week. No one is updating and I have been left here with barely anything to read. Musty has now gone away for the weekend, Danelle is having so much fun that she hasn't time or inclination to write."

This one's for you,

Why haven't I had time to write? I have to blame my job, really. I am so busy here at this new job that I barely get time to check BladeForums and email throughout the day. I've been doing a lot of ebay'ing too, so I have to keep up with what I'm winning and what I've won. Just picked up some amethyst earrings and stuff for my trip, and a new jewelry box to put it all in. Fun. I've been spending a grand amount of money lately, which has got to come to a screeching halt, or I will be playing the penny slots in Vague Ass and that won't be any fun at all.

Went to a Rockies game on Friday night, courtesy of my boss, who is constantly giving away her tickets. It was really fun, though we didn't really watch the game all that much. We watched Emma run around like a crazy person, talking to everyone and running up and down the stairs. She had a great time. Saturday we went to the zoo, and that was hella fun too. I was wishing we'd brought a picnic, like we had done before cause it was really hot and we got tired of walking around pretty quickly. Charlie was able to come, which was really a nice treat for Kt. Sunday we hit a couple of yard sales but didn't buy anything, and then took Emma home to mommy. Last night was the season finale of Six Feet Under, and it was so good! I don't when it will start up again, hopefully soon soon soon. I am so addicted to that show, but why the hell doesn't Brenda just die or something? I can't stand her.

Las Vegas is T-13. yay yay and more yay. We are staying 3 nights at Terrible Brothers (new casino-got a great deal) and 2 nights at Caesar's Palace. We got an incredible deal on everything, which hopefully will leave lots of money for other schtuff. Mark has been learning and practicing playing craps, I think that'll probably be his vice while we're there. I'm just a slot playin fool, so the odds are much worse for me, but it's all about fun, right? I'm so damn excited. I guess I've conveyed that, huh?

Everything has been going so good, I don't feel any trouble on the horizon. Personally, things have been cozy and comfortable, and it just feels good. I just hope I can maintain some sense of distance emotionally (I can't of course) so that if and when things change, it won't hurt so much. Things have been really good tho. I'm just enjoying it while it lasts, I suppose. I try not to kid myself into thinking that there's been a change of heart, cos I am 99.9% sure that is not true. But on the surface it looks and feels like bliss....

This week at work is going to be incredibly busy. It will be my first board meeting, and all that goes along with that. Next week too, there are a lot of things coming up. Then the week after that, I will be Vegas Bound. We considered borrowing a laptop from someone to post a diary of sorts while we were gone, but don't know if that will happen. Maybe we'll pop into a cyber cafe somewhere and post a blurb. Yea right.

Finally got Daniel all registered for school, etc. It was a big mess of course, when isn't it? Only just this morning got his schedule faxed to me at work. I think the only thing he doesn't have now is a locker. No word from Dan, I filed a motion with the court for permanent custody, and child support. They said it could be 30 days before we hear anything re: a hearing. Dan has been suspiciously silent.

I guess that's it for now, I think I am thoroughly updated. I will try to be better, thanks for the nudge to write again.


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