Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Me:: how can people wait 5 days to answer an email?
Me:: that is just foreign to me
D: oh, i know! it's utterly incomprehensible...if you're going to take that long, drop the pretence and buy a stamp
Me:: and how about people that you NEVER talk to in person or in email, but they only send you forwarded shit
Me:: that's ALL you ever get from them
D: i know...what the HELL is up with that?
D: and you think they're trying to initiate a conversation so you respond to their FWD and...nothing...until the next "this made me laugh"
Me:: lmao - god that is so true
Me:: and on the other end -
D: why bother?
Me:: what kills me is how my boss, and the accountant for the foundation i work for, and myself are all almost within sight distance of each other in the office, and yet we email
D: oh yeah...that's always funny...we do it at the office too
Me:: sometimes they walk up
Me:: dont they?
Me:: while you're writing it
Me:: and you say "im writing you an email"
Me:: and then they lkook over your shoulder and read it
Me:: LOL
D: yeah...but that kinda' freaks me out now when someone actually wants to talk
D: lol
Me:: then you dont know if you should send it or not
D: or people will call me on the phone to ask for coverage or something and i'm like "yeah, could ya' email me?"
Me:: i know - people tell me - we need staples...or whatever..i say the same
Me:: send me an email or i'll forget
Me:: wow...isnt it funny?
D: oh, i am having lunch with the PR chick from the museum of natural history...turns out we have mutual acquaintances...and she's like, "Don't be shy about letting me know if you want passes to the museum." We were like, "Let's meet" and it ended up in "OK, email me."
D: Afterward, I thought: Couldnt we have decided then and there? We were both at our PCs and desks. LOL
D: it's like NOTHING is real if you don't read it via an Inbox
Me:: LOL fuck!
D: i know i know
Me:: what is with us?
D: instead we had three back and forth emails to decide to meet at NOON
Me:: oh god i have to blog this
D: noon IS lunchtime LOL


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