Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


'S Friday, It's gorgeous outside, Im at work. Which of these things just doesn't belong?

Such a busy weekend ahead, it's gonna feel like no weekend at all. Run halfway to Conifer twice, for Daniel to go to his dads, Take kt to and from work several times, shop with Mark for Emma's party, etc.etc.etc. I should have taken Monday off. I think I am taking next Thursday off. Stuff I gotta do for Marks b'day, you know. Friday will be screwed because we are having a Staff and Board retreat ALL day..then cocktails at night. Mark is coming down for cocktails, will be nice to get a head start before we go out for his birthday. Free drinks. Who doesn't love that. And it's gonna be so swank, too!

Our board members are all very nice..but they are the true monetary pillars of this community. I see their names all over the Society page, and The zoo even has a whole new section that is funded almost exclusively by one of our Board members. One is the president of a big bank here, one is Chief surgeon at U of C Health Sciences. A few are partners in law offices, and some just have money. Funny that. Why can't I just have money.


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