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I just read my post about how I thought it was cool that people come here to read my shit. And I started thinking about link whores. People that link you so you will link them. I really really hate that. If I link someone, it's because I really like what they write, and I think other people should see it too. And if I do link them, I always send a note asking if it's ok. I include my blog address to be polite.

I would hope they'd look here before they gave the go ahead to see if my site was something they wanted to be remotely connected with. I could care less if you link me back...that's not my agenda. I read around 15 blogs daily. The same blogs, every day. I don't link them all here, because...well, just because I don't want to. Im considering putting pu a "recently read" blogs list, a blatantly stolen idea from jeblessa. That might be cool. Could we hang with that?

There are folks Ive asked lately if I could link them, but have just been lazy about actually doing it. I don't want to have 45 blog links on my recommended list, I think that's ridiculous. The one's that are there are there for a reason.

My 2 yen for the day.


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