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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ive had a site meter up here at my blog for a short time, since March 11. I've been surprised at the number of visitors, but it's not jaw dropping. Since March 11, 2002 the blog has had 1411 visitors. That's pretty cool.


I just put a site meter up on my webpage on June 8th, 2 days ago. Site meter shows a freaking 118 visitors since then. That's insane! But hella cool.

So why is it cool that us bloggers and amateur web masters are getting "looked at"? Do we care? I know I do. But I don't know why. It's not like I get strokes and compliments from my visitors. Rarely does anyone ever send me a note at all. So who is all this for? Is it for our own personal gratification, or is it for you? Are we doing this for someone else's acceptance, or can it be construed more as art? And if it is considered an art form, it has to be viewed. Art unviewed can hardly be called art at all.

I know for me, I see it as personal expression, and cathartic unleashing.

I don't post every single thing that happens in my life, some of it is intensely private...but I post about most things. Writing to me is therapy. The fact that someone else finds it entertaining is very cool to me.

For whatever reason, I'm totally stoked that you're here.


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