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Ok, back at work and I think I have some time to blog. I ended up doing my Blade Show web page last night, and didn't get time to blog before dropping. Pics are up and running here.

I will start with a BF post I made at 5 am on Sunday morning from the hotel lobby:

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I believe the first thing you should notice about this post is the time. (Remember I am two hours ahead of my bf profile time zone)
Yes, it is nearly 5 am.

The experience is truly indescribable. Those of you who have been before know what you are missing. This has been my first Blade, but definately wont be my last.

And PhilL, you'll be happy to know that Ed Fowler was present and accounted for until very late this evening at the pub we were haunting. Last time I saw him, he had a pool cue in his hand, a CRKT R&D guy on his left and a couple of pretty cute girls on his right.

And, rest assured that between Ken and I, we are fulfilling your .jpg wish list.

The people, are incredible. Putting personalities with words has been the most fulfilling thing of all. Who knew TallPaul was so..damn..tall. And Danbo? Oh my gosh, he's 6'6" at least. And in the throngs of who's who - I ran across Chris Claycombe, who traveled here from the UK for the show. He turned out to be an absolutely amazing knifemaker (He brought what he says is his 6th knife he ever made!) I will get a picture of it tomorrow, we were all stunned at the skill and natural talent.

The Spyderco booth was interesting. I approached it with a little trepidation, those of you that have been here a while know why. But it was fantastic. Sal was cordial and friendly, and it was so cool to see Joyce again, my one lingering friend from 'those days'. (Oh, and the prototypes! - spyderco nirvana.) Pics were a no no there tho. pout.

I saw Dexter, it was like meeting somebody kinda sorta famous that we knew before. I felt like I was meeting some of the knife community's finest, being lucky enough to spend time with Mike Turber, Kit Carson, GusK, Rob Simonich, Mike Williams, Gino Denning, etc etc! I missed Spark somehow..he's a priority tomorrow.

Tonight's party was the most fun I have had in a very very long time. We did a little bar hopping and finally ended up at..well, you know where. And what fun to have indulged in 3 or 4 Harp's, 2 Dogwoods, 3 kamikazes and a shot or two and then go to pay our bar tab, and it's $6.00. You are good people.

So, hello from tonight's revelers, myself included: Ken, Esav, Perry, Maurice, stab1, Ren The Devil's Trailboss (who bought me an auto Boker today, surprising me with it at the bar. He knew I had been looking for an auto all day that I was willing to part good $$ for, and just went and did this amazing gesture..for no reason at all - how cool is that?), Alchemy Pam, Yoda, Jeremy Reynolds, sam hell, Markcid84, Markcid84's friend, who's name escapes me) Tom Carey, Roy, Darrel, Chris, Mark.

Tomorrow (this morning?) we'll head back over for one more 'once-around'. I know I'll be seeing some of these people for the last time, till next year at least - and some of them..maybe never again. I'm hoping to do some pool lounging tomorrow, it's been so humid and hot, compared to what I'm used to in the Rockies.

So that was my "from Blade" BF post.

It was an amazing trip. We got in around dinner time Friday night, and went to a place called "Folks" that served deep fried, artery cloggin' southern fare. Catfish, fried chicken, grits..and of course peach muffins. We hung out in the room Friday night and had some alcohol and down time from traveling.

Saturday we went to the show first thing, and it was amazing. 500+ booths of every knife imagineable. Forumites were waving me down left and right. Everyone knew me, but I had to keep asking "and you are...?" We met a bunch of folks for lunch, and then for dinner too. We then went to the Waverly to top off the evening, and ended up staying till way after the bar closed. Moved the party out to the lobby, and got back to the room about 3:30 or so. Didn't make it to the show Sunday till after 12:30.

Sunday night we hooked up with a few more forumites, albeit a smaller group, a lot of people had left already. Drank a bit, but got in earlier, about 12:30..after finding the closest Taco Bell!

On Monday, we had nothing planned all day. Our plane didn't leave till 5:40 so we lounged around by the pool all afternoon, then packed and headed for home. Great fun.

Meeting everyone I've talked to for so long for definately the absolute highlight. Mark and I got along fabulously and we really had no problems whatsoever. We played with his little miniature Scrabble board on both flights, that really made the time pass nicely.

It was a wonderful trip, and Im so glad I went.

Now, back at work and the daily grind. Looking forward to moving, but not looking forward to actually moving the shit, you know? Ack. I keep trying to make myself pack, but making excuses. *sigh. We are moving the weekend of June 29. I will just be glad when it's over.

Guess that's it for now. Consider yourself caught up.


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