Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


When was the last time your weather forecast used the word "smoky" ?

Also -

A diligent reader pointed out that I haven't really made it clear that the moving situation involves all of us. Mark and I are moving into the house together. He's either selling his condo, or getting a renter...That hasn't been decided yet. Sorry for the confusion. Have I even blogged about the house? Not really, I suppose.'s the jist. It's a 4 level, 4 bedroom house in West Arvada, a great community about 15 miles north of us. Big bedrooms, family room and a living room, fireplace, nice landscaping, big kitchen and a nice back yard..and the schools are hella close. We're moving in close to two weeks, and nary a box is packed. Someone please come to my house and pack boxes. Please.

I feel like a fat blob today, even though I've lost some poundage recently. Yes, lost it..but I'm sure it's around the next corner waiting to be found again.



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