Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It's about 8:45 am, and Im dragging ass to go to work. Board Meeting today. Fuuck.

I'm listening to Avril Levigne and just chillin. The kids are up and about, going to Water World today. Daniel has a season pass, and usually rides the bus there. (90 mins each way!) We used to get a pass for everyone in the family every year, when I was off in the summer. It totally rocked. I miss it. Today Dan is picking them up and Cindi (my sister) is bringing them home. Whee. I'll be at work. *pout.

Here's one of my favorite things at Water World, Thunder Bay. It's a huge deep pool, and every few minutes an enormous wave washes up from the back of the pool and drowns everyone. Terrific fun.


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