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Ladies in New England, what's wrong with you? This is my cousin, David. Son of my mother's sister. We are relatively close, considering we are across the country from each other. He is in New Hampshire, I of course am in Colorado.

This is his car.

He is painfully single and the nicest guy on the planet. He travels, and just around the corner he's leaving for France, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany and is trying to talk an office mate into going with him, because he doesn't have a girlfriend. It's insane. He went to New Zealand last year and Bunjee jumped alone.

Was chatting with him earlier:

Session Start (AIM - Wed Jun 26 18:48:13 2002)

David: hey
Me: hey
David: what's up in fire country?
David: you toasting marshmallows?
Me: mm. moving this weekend. Fire fire fire shit shit shit. Dont you read my blog?
David: moving? in with M?
Me: Well, we got a house together
David: very good - you should be happy
Me: Im ecstatic.
David: cool
Me: what about you?
David: I'm not moving in with Mark
Me: aw, c'mon, it'd be fun.
David: that it would
David: waiting for thunderstorms to roll through, it's HOT here
Me: does the rest of the country think colorado is burnt?
David: sure seems it from the news
Me: we're seeing very little effect now...but it's all over every newscast.
David: it's rained here more in the past month than all last year I think...went from official drought to back to normal I think
Me: we're dry.....dry..dry..
Me: and fucken hot
Me: are you seeing anyone?
David: nah
David: going on vacation next month, trying to talk some girl at work into going, but just for kicks, she's 28 and just a kook, no interest in anything else
David: I did just get a referral from a dating service I joined (I know.....sad)
Me: the girl at work probably doesnt believe you are asking her for real.
David: yeah, she knows it's for real, I think at first she didn't
David: she's trying to figure out if she can afford it
Me: offer to help her. she wants to go.....
David: she just bought a house so she's feeling the pinch
Me: where are you going??
David: France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany
Me: FUCK. Tell her you'll help her. do you want to? it might be awkward.
Me: like that blind date on New Years Eve I talked you out of.
David: nah, it would be fun, we just have fun talking and goofing off
Me: well, then pay her airfare or something.
Me: Tell her you got an amazing bogo deal.
Me: who cares if she knows your lying.
David: Shes just a talkaholic
Me: eep. see, that might get nutty overseas
Me: especially 24/7
David: I look at her and say "I'm exhausted just listening to you"
Me: god. It takes me 6 months to save to go to Atlanta
David: I'm easy, just let me take pictures, drink wine, I'm happy
David: yeah, but we're single, no kids, no debt (for me) and overpaid
David: nice combo
Me: im jealous
Me: i work so hard for so little, it seems like
David: don't be, I'm jealous of you, you have good kids and enjoy life more
Me: oh, i doubt that. I want to travel a lot, I would love to see "somewhere else". We're just strapped.
David: I see you're advertising for me....cute, just looking at web pages
David: i'm not picky at this point...not true, too picky for my own good
David: I'm doomed to be a hermit
Me: well, fuck.
David: You should happy
Me: I am.
Me: im so so happy.
Me: im so glad i never listened to you.
Me: LOl
David: that's good advice for anyone!
David: smart ass
David: the heart is a strange thing...always wins out over the mind
David: as it should

He is so great. Someone snap him up, he needs someone nice.


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