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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


alan_r: "Did you read my journal over the weekend? I made a special effort to update it as you requested.."

Of course I noticed! I had been giving him grief for never posting on the weekends. And now he's gone and bought himself a damn farm.

I'm back at work, hating every minute of it. Of course Gail was all over me first thing this morning about some such nonsense. We're re-writing our job descriptions, how stupid is that? To me that is a stamp of approval to add all the things she wants me to add, except better compensation. Doh.

Amanda ended up *not* taking that job. She was so distressed about it, Im glad she finally decided to keep looking. Maybe it's a mistake, but it was just eating away at her and she really felt like the right decision was to not take it. Scary decision, but I'm glad she has the nads to make it.

Thank god it is finally cooler! Yesterday I dont think it quite hit 90, and the forecast for today is only 83 glorious degrees. I didn't even put my sunshade up on my windshield that keeps the car at 140 degrees in the afternoon, instead of 150. lol.

I had some icky bad dreams last night. I had a lot of trouble sleeping in general actually. Tossed and turned until after 2, then slept really fitfully. Woke up hot and turned on the fan, then woke up again when Mark turned it off a few minutes later. lol.

Ok, Im going to do real work. Feel bad for me.


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