Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Found this gem at Serendipity's site, and She is definately goin over there. I've sat here and read her blog for over an hour. A snippet to wet you..(ooh..)

"I've been playing this fun little game with myself lately. It's called "Stare at Stuff Until You're Convinced It's Alive." Hours of solitary entertainment! Better than grocery shopping. Better than recreational showering. Better than lying on the couch feverishly feeble with fastly atrophying arms trying to clip coupons for potentially important cleaning products. I first discovered this game while brushing my teeth. Point of focus, a dark speck in the yellow nap of the bathmat. Here's how you play: Find a mysterious object of unknown origin, potentially analogous to a bug. Stare at object until eyes blur (kind of like those magic eye paintings, which to this very day I have never been able to make work). Squint to focus on object many times over. Repeat your special mantra again and again, "It's moving. It can't be moving. I think it's moving. It moved. It's not moving." Game is over when you finally say fuck this and get down on your hands and knees and carefully poke the object determining that it is indeed a piece of thread."

Go check her out.


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