Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


So nice to be called and asked out on a date from the person you're living with.

I had told Mark about the bad dreams I had last night. He didnt say much at the time, but then called me from the "road" and asked if I'd like to go out to dinner, just the two of us. How nice that is...made me feel really good, and washed away any remnants of the bad dreams that were still floating nearby.

I am so insane busy at work. This teacher shit for the book sale is going to make me certifiably commitable.. Im glad and irritated at the same time that Anne handed it all off to me. Once again, something gets thrown in my lap to "fix" that's all fucked up. We are three days from the sale and still some schools do not know they have gift certificates waiting. Some schools didnt even bother to pick up their gift certificates at the Spring Sale. How can librarians be so stupid as to not pick up $600 worth of free books? Two schools never even acknowledged their $600 gift certificates. Do you know how many books that is at a library book sale? It's insane. I know for a fact I will laff if I ever hear of those two schools whining that they need supplies. And this money was given by a very philanthropic individual that took the time and funds to help out some schools. God, it irritates me to even think about it.

I ordered kt some work out tapes from and she got one of them today and she's thrilled. Richard Simmons with tonin' cords. It was like $2. lol. Also have two more coming. I love buying movies on half. I could care less if the movies are new, or have a good box. Long as the movie works..for 2 bucks?! you betcha.

I've got to go figure out this teacher crap.


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