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Got up just a few minutes ago, and only because I had to talk to the special ed teacher at Daniel's school. His middle school last year tried to completely mainstream him and his grades plummeted. This year his new school is taking a much more "Daniel oriented" role and I'm loving it! They're moving him into an english class that his teacher feels he'll be more successful in, even tho it may be beneath him. Then he can concentrate on the harder classes that he has to pass inn order to move on to 10th grade, like governement. This is what I've been saying all along to his teachers previously. He took the initiative the first week of school to go to his math teacher and tell him that he was hopelessly lost..and he helped him move into a lower class. I was so proud of Daniel for doing that instead of just floundering and failing. Katie was pretty much in the same position in 9th grade, except her problems wasn't classes per was attending the classes. She ran a way for a few days and when she came back, she was a whole different person. Now she's nearly straight A and joinging Spanish Club. Awesome.

Ok, someone is whining that they need attention. No it isn't Emma.


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