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I can't believe that 80% of Rape Kits are not processed because it costs $500 to do each one, and police departments don't have the money. 20/20 did an exposure piece, processed a few kits that Baltimore police had laying around - some for up to 12 years. 3 rapists were caught. 1 murderer was caught. And one man was let out of prison, having been falsely accused and convicted many years ago.

Countless women are told that no conclusive results came from their kits, yet they sit on shelves unprocessed.

The National Rape Evidence Project (NREP) is a national campaign founded by Howard Safir, former Police Commissioner for the City of New York. This project collects and distributes private funds to local law enforcement agencies to support expedited DNA testing for up to 500,000 rape evidence collection kits currently stored in police departments across the U.S. It also increases public awareness of the number of backlogged kits and the need for systematic change in order to prevent the backlog from recurring.

I just wrote them a check. It wasn't a lot, cause I don't have a lot. I'm wishing some of you would do the same.

National Rape Evidence Project
C/O ChoicePoint Foundation
1000 Alderman Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30005


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