Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Here's some fun news. Daniel is going to homecoming. And she asked him.

Her name is Emily, and Daniel said she's "pretty cute." That's all we know. We've learned our lesson about asking Daniel about such things, there is a fine line between what he's willing to share, and a point where we've asked too much and he stops talking about it completely.

Unfortunately, the dance is this coming Saturday night..and I will be in my new wheels somewhere about 1700 miles from here. Charlie and Katie have graciously offered to do the chauffering that night, so he'll still get to go. I'm disappointed I wont be here..I hope she's nice to him and he has a good time.

We went out for a bit tonight. Actually hit about 5 bars but only stayed at 2. First we went to the Arvada Tavern, two empty pool tables and halfway decent beer. Mark said it was too "sedate." We went to the Grandview Grill and left when we saw only Bud and bud Light on tap there. lol. Pool table was full anyway. When we were leaving some bar fly goes "Y'all leavin? How come?" I said "crap on tap" and she looked Mark up and down and said "bummer." heh.

Finally settled again at the Club Corner, a place I haunted many moons ago when Dan and I lived near here. So-so beer, but the bar maid didn't know what a Bacardi Silver was. eek. Played pool there and it was fun. 6 tables! all empty.

Back to work tomorrow. Im behind. No, I don't have the Board minutes done yet.


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