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I noticed the other day that the grannies (our landlords) have started using the same last name. It was no secret that they were "life partners" from the day we met them, but then yesterday on the water bill I noticed they were both going by the same last name now. I wondered how they decided who's last name to make "primary". I've always thought "E" was the more dominant partner, she is always the business like one, kinda crotchety and grouchy. The leader of the two, that was obvious. But they picked "C's" last name. All in all, I thought it was cool.

It's 12:30 pm. Do you know where your crock pot is?

I have 3 crock pots that don't belong to me. I've had them since Mark's birthday party in May. People brought food, then left them behind. I've moved them here to our new house and have them tucked in a little-used cupboard.

One of them is my best friend Michele's, and we're going over to her house on Saturday, so I told her I'd bring it.

"Which one is yours?"
"Um...I have no idea"
"Well, what does it look like?"
"I can't remember"
"You don't know what your crock pot looks like?"

So I IM my friend Sue, who's crock pot I also have.

"Hey, do you know which one of these crock pots I have is yours?"
"Oh, you have my crock pot?"
"Yes, do you remember what it looks like, I have several"

So since no one knows or cares what their crock pot looks like, they all just get one at random.

Know your crockpot.


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