Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


So Mark is reloading my machine, he's in the bedroom with the door shut...that means stay out. lol

We watched 'Vivor and had a good laugh about everything going on. That Ghandia. She needs to *go*. So many people on the other team that need to vamoose, also. I was hoping Rob would get his just desserts, but not this time. And that immunity challenge, I know those people (at least some of them) had played Towers of Hanoi before. I think Shi said it best "I could have done that in my sleep." Yet they lost. Threw the game if you ask me. Cause it was time to weed the herd.

Looks like we'll be hooking up with the englishman in denver soon. Will be fun to meet a fellow blogger and someone with whom Mark has so much in common. Both British, both transferred to the US by the same company, neither employed there now. I guess I'll bring a book. lol.

Today is Amanda's 21st brithday. I called her about 6 different times, playing various "happy birthday" mp3's on her machine. The Beatles, Mickey Mouse, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, etc. She called me back, reminding me that now we can go to Vegas together. Whee! I love Vegas. We're all going over to her apartment on Saturday to do some celebrating.

Back to the couch...


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