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Blog blog blog. What is there to blog about.

We had a decent trip down south. Got there in plenty of time for the meeting, and Emma and I watched HPotter while the grownups went and did grownup stuff. It's a veritable menagerie at Dy's house, so it's hard to concentrate on anything for any amount of time because there seems to always be a cat or dog underfoot. I fell in love with her kitty Marla, and wanted desperately to bring her home. I need a kitty like Marla. She was cuddly and purry and would sit right on your lap. Hell, we're lucky if Schatze chooses to grace us with his presence in the same room. We went out to eat at Nino's which was pretty good, but I saw the same food again later when I got sick in the middle of the night. I think it was a combination of things that made me finally puke, none of which Im willing to go into for fear of "bringing it all back up again". HA!

Watched Survivor with Laura, Denny, Dy and Emma. I think they thought I was some sort of weirdo freakazoid cause I was projecting irritation that people were milling about, etc while it was on. Im not a freak about most things, but I just do Survivor a certain way I guess. I would never be good at a Survivor watching party. I do like hanging out there tho, wish I had a chance to do it more often.

Today we loaded up a bunch of wood that Dy had in her backyard and headed for home..which seemed to take forever. We had some stupid quibble quabble near Colorado springs and that was the end of the talking till we got home. Not a fight, just words..then everyone shuts up. Emma was sleeping, so it was ultra silent the rest of the way home. That made the last part of the drive kinda sucky. But no harm done, and everything was ok.

Cindi came and took Daniel to dinner and to buy some longjohns for his ski trip with his dad tomorrow. She came in and hung out with Emma for a bit. I think Cindi might like Emma just a tad. lol ..

I have to have Daniel up in Conifer at 9am. Bllleehhh. Tomorrow is Katie's 17th birthday and we dont have much of anything in the way of plans..she has to work during the day and is having friends over at night. I will post blackmail pictures!

I am worried about Christmas. What am I going to buy these people? I thought about making stuff but it always comes out crappy. Ideas, anyone?


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