Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Im bored but have plenty to do. Begged off the drive today cause I have to take Megan home later maybe, back down to our old apartments. Got up and went to pick up Daniel only to find him and Dan having an argument when I got there. not good. I wish Daniel could adopt the same cursory attitude that the girls have towards Dan, they have finally learned that it's not fun, healthy, or necessary to have him in their lives. Katie doesn't have the animosity that Amanda has towards Dan, but I think she's just so successfully removed herself emotionally that it doesn't affect her anymore. Amanda has decided not to invite Dan to her wedding. She told me last night that it seems ridiculous to invite him when she can't stand him, he hasn't talked to her in a year and a half, and she has no interest in a relationship after the wedding. She felt like inviting him would be an invitation back into her life, which she doesn't want.

Speaking of, I get to see her and Justin's engagement pictures when she comes over on Thursday night. Whee! I told her..well, it is Survivor night but I guess I can tape it. She said "No, it's Friends night.." I wish I had a scanner to put a picture up, but all she has right now is the proofs maybe later I can get one up.

Im bored. Lazy.


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